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Questions and answers regarding C-Servers' shared and reseller hosting solutions, CentralHOST and PropellerHOST.

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 How many OS do you offer? Are custom ISOs supported?

C-Servers offers a total of 15+ operating systems. The full list, which is separated between...

 Can your shared hosting directly access internal functions like SSH, FTP or other folders of the server?

In order to ensure the service is not abused for other purposes unrelated to web hosting, our...

 I've tested your port 25 and it's actually not available. But you say you offer e-mail?

For security and IP reputation reasons, port 25 is serviced specifically for e-mail...

 Where is Wordpress?

Under Webuzo, you can find Wordpress either via the Applications menu (as Wordpress Manager) or...

 Will I recieve my VPS / shared hosting / reseller hosting immediatly upon payment?

Absolutely. Your VPS, shared hosting, and reseller hosting, are provisioned automatically as soon...

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